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The world is moving rapidly towards a total change of the model of its further development. However, the clear picture of the new international order hasn’t been determined yet. The main drivers of modern civilization – the United States and China – are trying to find a new balance of power and geopolitical interests. This process is accompanied by the restructuring of the Euro-Atlantic, European and Eurasian economic and security space.

Western European countries (primarily France and Germany) are committed to the idea of strategic autonomy. That means military and political independence from the United States. However, practical sources of moving towards this goal are uncertain. Such strategy requires in-depth review of the basic principles of the European Union and NATO functioning. In addition, Western Europe is quite seriously considering the Russian Federation as «leverage» in competition between the EU, China and the United States. It could lead to the resumption of strategic relationships between Western Europe and Russia.

Moreover, Europe’s efforts to answer the purpose of nowadays challenges are leading to the blurring of the traditional EU value system. Moreover, it brings about the transition to the so-called Realpolitik model of international relations, based on cynical pragmatism and narrow national interests.

Therefore it comes into collision with an image of the European Union as a common space for the harmonious development of European nations on the basis of democratic values.

At the same time, thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we are witnessing the next transformation of the post-Soviet space. Russia’s war against Ukraine and Georgia, the occupation of the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova, the crisis in Belarus and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are only facade of this process. Current political and economic developments in Russia indicate that this post-imperial compilation is on the eve of its internal transformation, stratification and fragmentation.

In our opinion, NATO refrains from taking responsibility for promoting security and democratic values. The Alliance relies on the traditional approach of ensuring collective defense focusing on the Euro-Atlantic internal stability. Thus, unwillingness to act proactively and take responsibility for the regional and global stability will inevitably result into the growth of external threats and dominance of destructive actors such as Putin’s Russia.

The world is on the verge of crucial shift. Neither international law nor international organizations and national governments are unable to define a shared vision of development of mankind and ways to protect human rights.

The rules of war have almost lost their original meaning. The monopoly on the use of military forces is not the exclusive prerogative of states any more. Transnational corporations, oligarchs, criminals (sometimes together with secret services) got opportunity to use their own quasi-military units, so-called private military companies and other proxies to take advantage of military force in their own interests.

We should find a common answer to the challenge of this hybrid reality. Through the comprehensive approach of geopolitics we can better understand the shape of the future and provide tips for building new visions at the national, regional or global levels. That is why the NGRN team decided to create a platform for integrating efforts, discussions, brainstorming and new ideas of researchers who aspire to shape new facets of geopolitics.

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June 2023
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