Who We Are?

The New Geopolitics Research Network is an independent, nonpartisan initiative/platform for idea and findings sharing between researchers, academics, experts, journalists, intellectuals who aspire to shape new facets of geopolitics.

We are looking for fresh approaches to understanding current developments as well as fundamental transformations in international politics.

We proceed with the understanding that rules of war and principles for the use of military force erode increasingly in the modern world. Nowadays, not only states but also transnational corporations, oligarchy, criminals (sometimes together with secret services) are able to use their own quasi-military units, so-called private military companies and other proxies to take advantage of military force in their own interests. In our opinion, such a practice undermines the foundations of international law and provokes regional crises

 Therefore a new “hybrid” reality is an important challenge for the international community that requires decisive response. Regarding this, we consider the NGRN as analytical platform for analyzing issues of global and regional security. Our project provides a new perspective on geopolitics. This implies the application of comprehensive methodology to predict the sequence of certain events. The research approaches are based on political, military, economic, geographic, energy, informational, cultural, ethnic aspects that influence over the development of modern nations, regions and the whole civilization.

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June 2023
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