NGRN Proposals for NATO’s 2030 Strategic Concept

The New Geopolitics Research Network proposals for NATO’s 2030 Strategic Concept (concerning Ukraine and the Black Sea region).

  • A new NATO’s Strategic Concept should confirm the decision of 2008 Bucharest Summit to grant NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia.
  • NATO should clearly indicate that obtaining a Membership Action Plan MAP should be the next step for Ukraine and Georgia.
  • NATO should enshrine the principle according to which Euro-Atlantic aspirations of partner countries and their bilateral relations with NATO cannot be the subject of negotiations or any agreements between the Alliance and third countries.
  • NATO should promote bilateral cooperation NATO Member countries with partner-countries.
  • The Alliance will enhance the operational capability and interoperability of Ukraine’s Armed Forces with NATO forces.
  • NATO will develop a comprehensive strategy for the Alliance’s activities in the Black Sea. NATO’s policy in the Black Sea region should include mechanisms for cooperation with Ukraine and Georgia (through development and use of naval forces and assets).
  • NATO’s strategy in the Black Sea should include purposeful steps to restrain Russia’s power hegemony in the region, restore the rule of international law in the Black and Azov Seas, ensure freedom of navigation and prevent Russia’s abuse of international law.
  • NATO will establish a permanent Black Sea Command and a permanent NATO Naval Group in the Black Sea. Ukraine and Georgia should be permanently involved.
  • The Alliance will continue to work on improving integrated intelligence systems in the Black Sea and deepening the information exchange capabilities (including real-time operating).
  • NATO will establish a Trust Fund for the Development of Naval Capabilities in the Black Sea for both NATO member countries (Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey) and partner countries (Ukraine, Georgia).
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February 2022
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