«Support for Ukraine is the only thing that unites the British political elite»

The New Geopolitics Research Network offers to your attention an interview with Stephen Hall, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics – International Relations and Russia at University of Bath, United Kingdome.

00:47 At the end of May it was reported that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed to the President of Ukraine to create an economic and military alliance with Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States and possibly Turkey. Whether such initiative may appear an element of pressure on European countries that are quite inconsistent in helping Ukraine, especially in the military terms?

03:00 Is London ready to keep a tougher line on Russia even if such policy will lead to contradictions with Paris and Berlin?

05:46 The United Kingdom may become one of the guarantors of Ukraine’s security after the war. What commitments London can make after the ceasefire will be achieved?

08:35 The political circles of the UK are consolidated on the issue of support for Ukraine.

11:44 Given your academic interests, it would be interesting to highlight your vision of the evolution of the political regime in Russia in the near future. Whether putinism may survive without Putin?

17:37 The result of the Russian-Ukrainian war – dilemma that the West cannot solve.

Stephen Hall

Dr. Stephen Hall, Lecturer in Politics, University of Bath (United Kingdom)

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June 2022
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