Rosatom: at the forefront of the Kremlin’s energy blackmail

The New Geopolitics Research Network launches a series of documentaries about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has posed a series of challenges to the international community unprecedented in the history of nuclear energy, such as the seizure of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant (NPP), hostilities in close proximity to its facilities, attempts to forcibly alienate the plant from the energy system of the owner country, accompanied by a permanent threat of an emergency.

Given the Kremlin’s attempts to annex the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) and use its de facto control of the plant to exert energy blackmail on Ukraine, there are political and legal grounds for revising Russia’s authority within the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). However, due to its strong position in the international nuclear energy market, Moscow avoids responsibility at the IAEA level.

Under these conditions, limiting Russia’s export capabilities in the field of “peaceful atom” is gaining relevance. An asymmetric approach in responding to Moscow’s energy blackmail will allow Ukraine’s partner countries to avoid negative consequences for their own security, which is essential in the global context of confrontation with Russian revisionism. Therefore, in the video Volodymyr Solovian analyzes the positions in the global energy market of the Russian state holding company Rosatom, which has turned into a tool to undermine Ukrainian energy security in the hands of the Kremlin.

Volodymyr Solovian

Projects Coordinator

Volodymyr is responsible for managing of the projects, events and proactive development of the New Geopolitics Research Network.

He is PhD in Philosophy and previously worked as Coordinator of the foreign policy projects at the Center for Army Conversion and Disarmament Studies.

Volodymyr has completed Master’s degree in Political Science at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2016. He did an internship at the parliamentary Сommittee on the National Security and Defense in 2019.

Volodymyr is the author of researches and articles on information security, national resilience and security sector reforms in Ukraine. His experience covers a broad range of security policy issues in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region. Volodymyr was invited participant and speaker in numerous workshops and round tables devoted to relevant topics.

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November 2022
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