Ukraine, Ireland, Iceland and Japan join NATO’s CCDCOE

In Tallinn, Estonia, the flags of Ukraine, the Republic of Ireland, Iceland, and Japan were raised on Tuesday to mark the four countries’ official entry into the Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE) of NATO.

After Estonia joined NATO and moved a Soviet war memorial from the capital city of Tallinn to a military cemetery a few kilometers away, the nation was subjected to a wave of cyberattacks. As a result, the CCDCOE was established in 2008, a few years after Estonia joined NATO.

The nation was innovatively crippled by the use of digital technology. They illustrated the potential consequences of cyber hostilities for a country and sparked a significant research effort into cyberwarfare at NATO. As a result, the Tallinn Manual, which examines how international law applies to cyber conflict, and the Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence were both established.

The CCDCOE, which celebrated its 15th anniversary on Tuesday, is a recognized international military body that includes participation from more than 30 NATO members as well as other democratic nations including Australia, South Korea, and Switzerland. Although it doesn’t have a permanent army, Iceland is a member of NATO; the other three new CCDCOE members are not.

The CCDCOE is “delighted to have like-minded nations sharing cyber knowledge and exchanging methods to systematically address cyber attacks”, according to Mart Norma, the organization’s head, who expressed his gratitude for Ireland, Iceland, Japan, and Ukraine joining the group.

Hanno Pevkur, Estonia’s minister of defense, extended a special greeting to Ukraine, noting that the country’s inclusion “offers a unique opportunity to simultaneously contribute to Ukraine’s defense in Russia’s brutal war and learn from the cyber battlefield to improve the cyber security of all members.”

Pavlo Kryvenko

Head of AI and Cyber Security Section

He has been working as a Head of the Information and Cyber Security Section, Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence Platform at the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). Pavlo is the Founder of GODDL company.

He has worked as a member of the delegation of the Communication Administration of Ukraine at the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, Switzerland), as a Cyber Security Consultant at the Bar Association Defendo Capital (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Pavlo has collaborated with the National Communications and Informatization Regulatory Commission and the Ukrainian State Radio Frequency Center for International Frequency Coordination.

He studied at the Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv International University (Ukraine), the Joint Frequency Management Center of the US European Command, the LS telcom AG Training Center (Grafenwöhr, Germany), the UN International Peacekeeping and Security Center (Kyiv, Ukraine).

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May 2023
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