Another non-paper story in the Balkans

Recently, the information space of the Balkans was stirred by news of two non-papers regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emotions about these two documents did not subside when a new non-paper appeared. This time – about Kosovo.

What is this Kosovo related non-paper? Where did it come from? How it was perceived in Belgrade and in Pristina and will it have any impact on the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue?

We will try to answers these questions together with Igor Novakovic, the Research Director of the Belgrade based International and Security Affairs Centre – ISAC Fund.

So, let’s start with the question about what is this Kosovo non-paper? What is its main idea? Who do you think can stand behind this non-paper?

Who benefits from it?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was not surprised by the appearance of such a non-paper regarding Kosovo. He said it is not acceptable to Serbs, but his reaction was not as sharp, as it could be?

How you can explain this? What was the reaction in Pristina on this non-paper? Can this non-paper somehow affect the Serbian-Kosovo dialogue?

Recently the EU High Representative Josep Borrell announced a meeting on 11th of May with Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic which will be a part of the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue. But Albin Kurti has stated that he would not be present in Brussels that day.

So does this mean that we will not see a resumption of dialogue in the nearest future?

When should we expect the dialogue to resume? If а dialogue still happen, should we expect any results from it?

Igor Novakovic

Director of research at The International and Security Affairs Centre – ISAC Fund (Serbia)

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May 2021
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